With a vibrant history bountiful in royalty, riches and art, India’s age-old love affair with opulent jewelry is no secret. Exploring and modernizing jewelry from the past, leads us to one of our favorite Indian inspired jewellery trend – Enamel Jewellery.


Lending life and colour to jewelry, enameling is a rather difficult and ancient art of jewelry making that involves fusing coloured glass to metal. While jewelry with enamel is quite common in India and across the world, most people are unaware of how painstaking and time consuming the process of enameling actually is.


Inspired from Meenakari Jewellery with its roots in Jaipur, the art of enameling jewellery actually dates back all the way to 4th Century BC to the Greeks who used to apply glass paste on gold jewelry. Beautiful, 92.5 sterling silver enamel pieces are a reflection of this beloved trend which was fitting even for Mughal emperors!


Enamel jewellery is so colourful and bright that you’ll never be at a loss with what to wear it with. When it doubt, it can easily be your go to, whether it’s small dainty pieces, or bigger statement ones. Each piece is truly a thing of beauty, and most definitely a joy forever!


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