Could you Imagine Jodha without Jewellery? Could you see Umrao Jaan dancing to the song without the bling? Naah, that would be the same as Indian food without spices.


Jewellery has been an important aspect for actors in Bollywood. It has sort of been a constant. It can even symbolize particular traits of a character.
Like a loud character will have heavy Jewellery and a reserved one will have put on something simple. Acting isn’t the only element. Like a set needs so much detailing, an actor does too. That’s where aspects like jewellery come in.
The extreme differences can be very easily depicted like royal families vs servants or rich vs poor, but jewellery can bring light to even the smallest of differences. Like a college-going girl from a conservative family vs a girl from a liberal family. That’s the power of Indian Jewellery!
Going back to the ’60s, when an Indian epic historical drama movie Mughal-e-Azam was released, it was not just appreciated for the story line but also for the costumes and jewellery that enhanced the movie. Another movie which was a great hit in the ’80s, Chaalbaaz where Sri Devi is in a double role. Both the characters are thrown at the audience very strongly with Anju having very simple and small earrings and Manju with big, sparkling danglers which is a complete reflection of their characters. A movie that came out recently, Piku which touched a very different concept, starring Deepika Padukone who is shown as a strong, independent and smart woman. The portrayal of her Jewellery like jhumkas and Chandbalis shout a sense of independence and make her character even stronger.
Talking about Badarinath ki Dulhaniya, Alia Bhatt’s bright and vibrant look was much appreciated and the jewellery worn by her added to her trendy and vivacious look.
There are many movies where Jewellery has been used in the best possible way and amplified their look along with their performance. Some of them are Bajirao Mastani, Ram Leela and many others.
Bollywood has been inspiring us for years and years, and jewellery goes hand in hand to reveal the trends, looks and characters in each film. They make the perfect set.
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