Jewellery is a magnificent art piece created to attract PEOPLE, not just women. Let’s get this straight , – men love jewellery too and there is no doubt that it looks absolutely marvellous on them. Need reasons? Sure !! We’re ready for that-
  • If women can wear jewellery, so can men. Rajasthani men have worn studs in their ears since eons !!!! There are many amazing designs of bracelets and studs that make them look great . We have one of the biggest examples, Bollywood actor Niketan Dheer who bought the Trishul Kada by Ahilya Jewels and looked great in that. He proved to many people that men wearing jewellery look super hot !


  • It’s a great way to carry your memories. Be it a family heirloom like a taveez or a gift by your loved one, you can preserve it by simply wearing it in the form of a pendant or a bracelet. Ahilya Jewels is more than happy to customize pieces, just the way you want it!!
  • If it looks good with your leather shoes and thin matte black tie, then it looks just fine. Period. There are some striking chains in silver or gold plating that look dashing. It could look great !!
  • Being sexy is all about your attitude that can be enhanced with some fantastic rings by Ahilya Jewels. Wear your attitude by adding rings or bands on your fingers that’ll give you THE boss look!!!

 28th Nov-iloveimg-converted (2).jpg


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